How my journey began...
Nikki McCants is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist based out of Arizona. She is also a daughter, a sister, a curator of stories and a lover of the outdoors. Having grown up believing that the way to make friends and to be liked was to never let anyone see your flaws, she learned through an ongoing journey of self-discovery and self-reflection that in fact the opposite is true.
It is not through perfection but authenticity that we build connection. It is through shared experience that we cure loneliness and it is with the strength to be vulnerable that we can find a community that empowers us.
Rehabilitation Reimagined was born from the desire to continue learning as a practitioner of physical therapy, to help educate other health care providers and perhaps most importantly to create a medium through which individuals around the globe living with a neurologic or neuromuscular injury or condition can be connected to the resources they need and maybe never knew existed.
This project is an ever-evolving process which Nikki is excited to undertake. It is Nikki's belief that the more you know, the more you know and with that knowledge we become better advocates for ourselves and others.