Drew Clayborn is a motivational speaker, director of the Drew Crew Charitable Organization, host of his own Podcast called “Excuse my language, But...” and the self-proclaimed healthiest complete quadriplegic.
After sustaining a high cervical complete spinal cord injury as a high school student Drew has spent the last 10 years learning to navigate this new way of living both focusing on enjoying the moment and doing everything he can to preserve the health of his body so that one day, if scientific progress allows it, he can learn to walk again.
I first came across Drew on his Instagram page where he shares a lot about his life living with Quadriplegia. When he reached out to me about being a guest on the show I jumped at the chance to get to know him and help spread the word about some of the great work he has been doing in his community. On this episode we talk about what it takes to maintain a healthy body after a spinal cord injury, what therapists can do to support their clients throughout their recovery and much more. Drew is an advocate for his community and you can learn more about all the ways you can access his content, get in touch with him and support his charitable organization!
Show Notes
-Drew became paralyzed as a highschool student with a complete C1-C2 spinal cord injury 
-Axiobionics wearable therapy has helped Drew to maintain muscle mass since his injury 
-PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic force) therapy has helped Drew to improve motor function. He uses it 20 min a day
-A team of nurses, family and therapists help with Drew’s routines
-The Drew Crew Charitable Organization aims to raise money to provide education and outreach to people living with SCI 
-Drew uses his social media to spread mentorship and information that he himself found helpful both early on and today

Important Links
Instagram: @drewclayborn

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